Mission Statement

*Flight– represents our Dream… Like the Tuskegee Airmen we are Aviators of our own paths. Our Dream is to make our own paths and bypass naysayers and antagonists.

*School– Every member of FSN has some type of higher education or striving for it…We believe that knowledge in your field is key and without it you can not access your Dream.

*Nation– We represent FSN and FSN is a family. No matter what section or separate business with ties to FSN, you are apart of our Family…With this FS Family Tree, we have many branches but we are Deeply Rooted. We all Work as ONE and Your Dream is Our Dream…

~Meet Your Pilots~

Timothies “TJ” Danzey

Co-Founder of FlighSchoolNatioN and creator of inFlightMovies & FlyErr Films. The mission of inFlightMovies is to give you the viewer a look at the new hollywood movie releases, exclusive underground movies, and video reviews on all of them. With FlyErr Films our mission is to showcase our personal filmmaking skills and promote up and coming artists with our original music videos. Contact me at

Joshua Hagwood

Co-Founder of FlightSchoolNatioN and creator of The MileHighClub. I deal with the modeling portion of the site. From models for iFly clothing to video models for our other projects. Contact me for more info.

Wayne D. Alford

Co-Founder of the FlightSchoolNatioN heading the PilotMusic section as well as helping with the maintenance and upkeep of the website along with other members of the Nation. I will be responsible for bringing you the latest and greatest in the Music you want to hear. Also, all FlyErr films productions will be edited by yours truly. So if you’re an artist looking to get on one of the exclusive FlightSchoolNatioN Mixtapes, get your music on the sit, or if you need some footage put together feel free to contact me.

Khaleeq Bashir

A 21 year old College student attending William Paterson University out of Jersey City, NJ. The bringer of good news to enlighten the views of my peers. My job is to promote the movement as it starts to grow. You will here my voice as well as view my ideas in the direction we are going. Contact at

The FlightSchoolNatioN is the BETTER Hip-Hop community site, the BETTER showcase for upcoming artists, negating the initial Hate as well as the Very BEST spot to come to for the latest & greatest in music/videos/design/fashion….Everything. The Ultimate culmination of the Fly information Fly individuals from all walks of life…

The FlightSchoolNatioN

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To contact us regarding advertising, inquiries, or if you have any questions or comments please feel free to  e-mail us at:

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