This section is dedicated to those lesser than mainstream and popular artists who are looking for a bit of shine. Dedicated to mixtapes and singles (both we place on the blog also). Want YOUR music posted here? No Problem!! Hit us up at flightschoolnation@gmail.com
Saz. E – Invincible Tomorrow (Download Here)
Invincible Tomorrow showcases the talent, versatility and artistic vision that drives Saz.É’s music. Saz.É’s follow up mixtape has been in development for two years with push backs due to recording conflicts and other setbacks. The project tackles issues of love, heartbreak, self-reflection, and social issues as well as many other topics, all while showcasing Saz.É’s tech-savvy flow, confidence and overall potent rap style. Inspired by pain and a drive to establish rap’s presence as art within the musical realm, Invincible Tomorrow is a critically well received project that deserves a download.
 Hosse – Money Is Power
Words from HoSSe: 
 BMG release Hosse most Hottest,craziest,Mixtape today giving the fans a raw picture from the street and as he struggles day to day to make it in the hood. You see the real raw side of Hosse that fans havn’t seen and he’s writng from the struggle give the fans a report of whats going on threw his eyes! BMG indie ready to take it to the next level…p.s it takes money to make money ya’ll know Money iz Power….Be on the Look out for the BOP BOYZ EP on ITUNES NOV.25th BLACK FRIDAY…Hosse and the camp goin in legoooo

New track from The Khan Artist and some other up and coming artists. Without a doubt its a hit check it out and tell us what you think!!!!!!

Crazy Bars and Crazy Visuals from that Menace, Scott Paul!!!!! This is mos def a club banga and flight worthy!!! Check it Out!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s the trailer for the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED DOCUMENTARY on the next up and coming MEGA SUPER STAR, TY JACKSON!!!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More #WillyPTalent  for ya’ll this time we got a singer/rhythm x poetry artist who’s going to take the industry by storm. MARK MY WORDS #FlightSchoolSTAMP

Click Image to Download

Scott Paul was never the patient type. Born in a Chevy, in a hospital parking lot, Scott was eager to take on the world. His ‘go getter’ attitude is what has him gaining recognition from music lovers and industry personnel alike. Scott’s music is a true reflection on himself and he shares his story through clever wordplay, complex rhyming schemes, and smooth vocals. At the young age of 21, he has almost a decade of songwriting under his belt, several LPs, and dozens of venues performed. These songs and CDs have received downloads in the thousands and his shows include opening for Hip Hop legend ‘Fabolous’ and the 2011 BET Award’s “Best New Artist” nominee ‘J. Cole.’ Look out for Scott Paul, as his star only continues to rise.

Willy P got talent #straightlikethat Check out my #EASTEAST bros Kazper x Yung Bamm doing the damn thing with their hit, #HeatWave!!! Music video coming REAL soon courtesy of #FlyErrFilms. ENJOY!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You heard his freestyle now watch this music video to his original track, “Bright Star Reality” from the rhythm and poetry (Rap) artist, OE. Click the image to download the track. Check it Out!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Lyrics that will really make you appreciate hip-hop. Check it out! Saz. E

Aleyea Pirce

“This is a recording of me spitting my poem “Spotless Mind” for one of my good friends, Heartbeat da Producer’s album. This poem explains the idea of society’s need to awaken, specifically within the mind. I hope you enjoy, leave a comment and feel free to subscribe if you’d like! Thank you again!Be your voice.”

New track from another upcoming MC with #BARS. His flow is real thought provoking so pay close attention to the lyrics and let the music take you there.

From his wordplay to his thirst for success this artist is trying to  make a name for himself in this hip hop game. Please believe #FSN KNOWS HE CAN DO IT. Two letters One Man, “OE”. Check him out. fyi *He’s the second MC #BARS*

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is definitely the week for up and coming superstars from Willy P. Here’s Squadee going in on Wiz’s “On My Level” beat. #GhanaStyle!!! #Shouts to the Greeks of Phi Beta Sigma and Alpha Phi Alpha breaking it down with the strolling. Click the image to download their new mixtape #NoBEATsafeTakeOVA

*sniff sniff* I smell a star in the making ladies and gentlemen. Joy Valentine a new R&B phenom on the scene and one of my homies at my school (Willy P STAND UP!!!!!!!) Check out her remix to “Marvin’s Room” and tell us what you think. Sidebar this pic of her *NO MAKE-UP* #TeamNaturalBeauty #LOOOOOOKINGOOOOOD

106 and Robbery – @Dialysus


(Click above for DOWNLOAD)

Words from Dialysus:

Dialysus has a very inspirational story behind his rap name. At the age of 10 he was diagnosed with a kidney disease. This disease became worse over the years, and in February of 2006 he had to go on dialysis. He was hooked up to a machine 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dialysis is the process by which uric acid and urea are removed from circulating blood by means of a dialyzer. Unfortunately his kidneys failed and had to be removed causing him to need a transplant. With much prayer, family, and friend support, he was lucky enough to find a perfect match for his kidney in his father Derek Simmons Sr. On July 12, 2006 he had a kidney transplant at St. Barnabas Hospital. After 6 other surgeries he was finally released from the hospital on August 26, 2006. After he was released, he wrote a song about his life and his career has taken off from there. Dialysus is formerly the 3X Freestyle Friday Champ on BET’s 106 and Park and was recently retired in The Freestyle Hall of Fame at The Mixtape Show after successfully defending his title for 6 months straight. Dialysus new mixtape “106 and Robbery” is currently available for download onwww.datpiff.com and www.thatcrack.com . Dialysus is managed by World Entertainment Agency.

City of Bagdad vs. Dreaming Nightmares – Kilo G’z x Ty Jackson


(Click Above to Download)

Words from Kilo G’z & Ty Jackson:

The collaborations between rapper Kilo G’z and singer Ty  Jackson becomes more powerful with each song. The two mixtapes were joined together after the release of “Dreaming Nightmares” which was debuted Halloween 2010. “City of Bagdad” was a mixtape that  Kilo G’z himself had made solo along with a couple other features. The Intro for “City Of Bagdad” speaks for itself. Within that song you could tell where the rapper Kilo G’z surroundings are like, and the struggle he faces on the daily basis. The  song that is recognized is track #2 Speaking With G’z. Kilo G’z made his point across clearly, that he’s a true spitter and not just one that know’s how to rhyme words. Ty Jackson is an artist who is truly blessed with the talent to sing, who at every given chance uses it to let the world know how truly talented he is.

Dreaming Nightmares was a mixtape put together by Kilo G’z and Ty Jackson after the successful release of “City of Bagdad“. The two noticed with their different styles combined together would be more than amazing. Along with that they decided to bring something new to the table. Combining the original song with club songs made by DJ L-Spiz & Smacks to give it a different style. The mixtape provided music in all areas to appeal different types of crowds. The track that is recognized the most off of that mix tape was No Lights, which gives a new outlook to I Like by Jeremiah.

The two mixtapes combined gives this new project swag like no other. People immediately appealed to it and began to tune in and listen. Until the next mixture, listeners please stay tuned in and follow the moves that Kilo G’z and Ty Jackson are making.

The Khandumb W(rapper) LP – KhanArtist


The Khandumb W(rapper) LP

(click above to Download)

Words from KhanArtist Himself:

The KhanDumb W(rapper) is a project that I was at work on (writing and recording) for roughly a year and a half. It started off as a funny idea. My friend and fellow rap mate, Sebastian is the one that named the album. What is now the album art started off as a Photoshop job prior to Sebastian naming the album. I had no intention in making it into an actual album cover or making an album to begin with. A year prior I had just wrapped up my first project, Blackest Days Brightest Nights, which was a personal memoir so to speak. It was very gritty and dark and preachy and a couple of people didn’t like it (due to lyrical content and sound quality). Since I was too “lyrical” for people, they wanted something light and I figured what best way to manipulate people than to actually make them think I’m going to dumb down my lyrics, hence the birth of The KhanDumb W(rapper). A colorful album cover, a couple of weed references, and a song about how much I desire a particular woman, and like flies everyone swarmed towards my shit not knowing it was far from what they expected. Thanks to the help of my homey LoKo KRaZi (who engineered 100% of the project) The KhanDumb W(rapper) is, in my opinion, the most commercially/conscious project I put together……for now.

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